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In the week leading up to election day, we want to flood social media with posts about why we’re voting climate. We’d love you to share why you’re voting climate with a link to our Vote 1 Climate tool to help as many Australians as possible to put the planet first.

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In the week leading up to the election, post on social media why it’s important to you to put climate first at the ballot box.

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Why I'm voting climate

Jack River


I’m voting climate this election because my generation's future, our economy, our national security, our environment, our food and our water security depend on a cooler climate. The climate crisis, and the transition to renewable energy, present an economic opportunity that our country can’t afford to miss.



I’m voting climate because the younger generation is the biggest stakeholder in this election. We can vote in representatives that will put forward policies in line with our right to a safe and liveable future, or we may risk heading straight towards climate catastrophe. We need to act now to preserve our beautiful world, and the vulnerable communities within it.



I'm voting climate this election because I'm scared of what our future will look like if we fail to act and optimistic about what we can achieve if we strive for meaningful, committed action. We are the last generation to have a chance to avoid catastrophic levels of warming and I'm sick of watching our leaders fail to take the risks seriously.



I’m voting climate because I know urgent action needs to be taken and I’m honestly so worried about the future. But I also know that we have everything we need (except strong leaders) to make meaningful change. This election is our last chance, and our vote is our most valuable tool in the fight for a better world.



There has never been a more important time to prioritise climate, and I want to make sure my vote counts in building towards a sustainable earth for our future. We have so much to gain by acting ambitiously to create a renewable future and I want to see more leaders in parliament that embrace that vision.



It’s clear that human activity is impacting the climate. Australia must make changes to reduce that impact without leaving people behind, while taking advantage of economic opportunities using the vast natural energy resources the country possesses. There is too much at stake to be indulging old and outdated schools of thought. The energy transition is underway regardless. We need politicians who understand this and work cooperatively to address the complex issues in moving to renewable energy and growing the economy together.

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